The surroundings is significant for dogs

The surroundings is significant for dogs

Before buying a dog take into account your living place. Would it be suitable and comfortable for your new pet? There are a lot of different breed, size, age, colour, character dogs for sale, as a result choose the best one to your living place.

Growing a dog, the most important is food. On the other hand, there are more significant things to consider and prepare before getting a puppy. These things will effect your little friend‘s psyche and how fast it adopts the new environment.

The surroundings where the puppy will spend its first months of life is important. 1-8 weeks of the puppy’s life are critical to his socialization and mental stability in the future. It is the key factor that determines the dog’s character, the relationship with people and other animals. It is therefore very important that during this time there would be a man next to a puppy who is well versed in animal psychology and able to grow a good character and stable mental dogs.

There are the key issues listed below that should be considered when choosing a pedigree puppy breeder to succeed in avoiding deception:

  • The main thing – don‘t be in a hurry!
  • Inquire about the selected breed dog‘s psychology, maintenance, typical diseases. Consult with experts – professionals that specialize in dogs growing or trainers. Your neighbors, friends, relatives, who perhaps are experts in many fields and willingly giving their advice will not necessarily be the best at acquiring the dog questions.
  • Inquire about the breeder‘s reputation. Knowing the name of the breeder check the information on the Internet. Visit dogs‘ shows and exhibitions. To avoid impulse buying, before taking a final decision on the breeder and the puppy, visit at least 2-3 other breeding institutions.
  • Responsible breeders should probably have a waiting list. Do not be afraid and outraged – after all, mentally stable and physically healthy dog is worth waiting!